Spa Towels

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There is nothing like a day at the spa being pampered and rejuvenated. Only a Turkish Spa Towel can add to that experience. Light weight and ultra-soft, spa towels are ideal for use in the spa or beauty salon. Envelope your clients in the luxuriousness of these natural 100% cotton fibers and heighten the spa experience. Specially hand crafted by experts in Turkey, these Turkish Spa Towels come in several color options to match any room décor and blend with the tranquil ambience of the spa environment. In addition, the quick drying fibers prevent the build-up of odor causing bacteria to ensure towels stay smelling fresh for longer. They are perfect to use both during and after treatments, with fibers so light it feels like using no towel at all! Why choose regular towels with uncomfortable synthetic fabric, when you can be caressed by the soft touch of an original Turkish Towel.