Turkish Bath Towels

Turkish Bath Towels as known as Peshtemal Towels are important part of Ottoman Hammam ( Turkish Bath) Culture. Leight weight towels became so popular again in these days and they are woven in different styles and colors for all purposes.

Turkish Bath towels are not limited only for Baths, you can also use them as a beach towels, pool towel, spa towel , guest towel. We have a fitness towel collection which are ultra light weight towels and take up very little space in your fitness bag.

Turkish bath towels are also known as peshtemal or peshtemal towels. The best think of having this amazing towels is they are multi purpose. So you will not have just a towel, you will get a towel, a shawl , a cover up , a mini blanket and even a cover cloth in the same time.

Bath Towels

Peshtemal Towels